Published June 16, 2012 by anneforme

m o o n l i g h t u n e s .

CD cover                                       CD+DVD cover

Lyrics to JaeChun’s duet ‘COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~’! =D Plus the 2 covers above. Click to see it full sized…as for the lyrics…unfortunately, the rap isn’t here. I could never understand much of Yoochun’s rap either (LOL Chun’s fail english) But I did hear ‘keep the faith’, despite his fail engrish. That phrase just pops up everywhere now, eh? Constant reminder for Cassies and fans ^^ Btw, if you see question marks (?), it’s cuz the translator didn’t know the actual lyrics.
If you haven’t listened to the HQ song yet, go HERE to listen!

credit: linhkawai @ lj + hajargiler @ dbsknights + whisperpuppies @ youtube + jpopasia

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