Published June 23, 2012 by anneforme

Okay. I’m just soooo not updated with the things happening to KPOP. Grr!! 😦
So here’s my Boyfriend. Oops! I mean here’s Boyfriend with their MV Love Style. I so don’t like pink but I can’t do anything but watch this MV. Thank goodness they wear blue. HAHAHA!! They are soooooo handsome and graet in this video. I’m so totally into Minwoo again! I’m just greatful that we just have the same age. HAHA! I think all the members’ hairstyles changes except Minwoo & Jeongmin? IDK why but their hairstyles look the same .. I mean, look the samae compared to their previous hairstyles… I didn’t recognize Hyunseong at first, though I know it’s him because I already noticed others. Ohmy.. What happened to Youngmin’s hair?? (If I’m not mistaken. LOL) He looked younger. HAHA xD
I love the choreography. It’s cute >:P And, I kept on watching it because.. IDK. LOL.
I just love their comeback!! I hope they’ll receive more attention just like other rookies ^^ Oh!! There’s also one rookie that I hope the music industry will put more attention on. It’s C-REAL!! They’re so cute and the vocals of all the members are great! I swear! Listen and watch their newest MV!! I forgot the title but hey, .. I liked the song ^^


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