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Hwayoung to debut as a solo artist at Cube Ent

Published July 30, 2012 by anneforme

“Hwayoung announced today to be dislisted as a member of T-ARA rumors are spreading that she’ll debut as a solo artist at Cube Entertainment.”

Aw.. Hwayoung left the group. She deserve better! I will like it more if she’ll be on WOOLLIM or STARSHIP, since she has been with SISTAR & INFINITE @ the Idol Atheletics earlier this year. *do you get what I mean?* But it’ll still be okay. You’ll have G.NA, BEAST, 4MINUTE, BTOB and APINK :] Love these groups. I hope you guys will not repeat what just happened ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t let go of an artist that has a very great talent! Hwayoung, fighting! If I can find your album (talking about an album already? Keke :DD), I’ll buy it! Just put a lot of pictures, at least 5 songs with one instrumental, I’ll but it!


Wherever she’ll debut as a solo artist…. I’ll just support her.. I don’t where she will really debut as a solo artist .. Haha! >:D<

*Don’t mess up with my opinion. If you didn’t like, why are you still reading it?*


[ARTICLE] Compilation of T-ARA’s bullying history revisited

Published July 30, 2012 by anneforme

The following are some proofs that the other members of T-ARA are bullying Hwayoung.

1. QRI

Qri’s getting positive/neutral treatment from the netizens. While others are posting up selcas she took with Hwayoung as proof that they’ve always been close (there are a ton of shots of the two together, I admit), others are more skeptical, saying she just might not be getting involved to avoid being bullied.

Jiyeon putting down Hwayoung on camera [VIDEO

Cameraman: Hwayoung-ssi must like reading.

Jiyeon: She’s just like that because the camera’s rolling. You’re really funny, you know that?

Jiyeon: This is seriously my first time seeing her reading while being in the same group as her.

Jiyeon ignoring Hwayoung’s high five.

Jiyeon’s tweet (January 2012): [Jiyeon] There was a popularity vote and I got first place so here’s my picture~ and Hwayoung got 0 votes hehe poor Hwayoung….ใ…‹ใ…‹


Rest of the caps & videos here

Hyomin accidentally hitting Hwayoung.

On Hello Baby, Hwayoung mentioned that it was her 100th dayversary since her debut and Soyeon cut her off saying that’s only her personal anniversary.

Boram supposedly denies Hwayoung’s position in the group by leaving a birthday tweet to Hyomin calling her the “second maknae”. In another tweet, she mentions Jiyeon as their “forever maknae”. With Hwayoung in the group, Hyomin should be the third maknae considering she’s an 89er and Jiyeon and Hwayoung are both 93ers. Only with Hwayoung gone can Hyomin be the second maknae like Boram claims…

T-ara ignoring Hwayoung at the idol championships. She ended up hanging out with INFINITE and SISTAR the entire time.

Full compilation of caps, videos, tweet caps, etc can be found here

I didn’t change anything on the article because some parts may be different if I’ll change it.

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