[LYRICS] Irresistible Lips – BTOB (ENG)

Published August 9, 2012 by anneforme

It was a moment where time got slower
The beauty that I learned of, felt and believed in till now
You have changed it all

The front of my eyes became as dark as dawn
Like a single ray of light, she finally found me
My girl, my destiny

As I stomped on the ground, control my exploding breath
I ran (Tonight I’m so lonely, don’t wanna be alone without you)
To you

* I stole those lips, I had to
I want you, without an explanation or excuse, I stole your lips
It was a crazy thing to do but no matter what it is breathtaking and electrifying
I had to make a memory that the both of us can never forget

Your face that froze up in just one moment
I know but you felt it too, your face said you didn’t hate it

As if the ground would cave in, as I roughly exhaled and breathed
I ran (I’m afraid I will lose you, wanna be with you always)
To you

* Repeat

It doesn’t seem like reality, I can’t believe it, it seems like a dream
All of it, all of it

The sky that’s keeping the rain, will it shed tears?
As I ran to find you, will my legs break apart?
I don’t know if I’m crazy or if I wanted to keep you in my heart
I can’t explain this with any word
All the moments have stopped as if it was a photo

* Repeat

Source: pop!gasa


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