Jan-Mar 2007

iM; “Be My 1004”
– Debut date: January 3rd
– Company: Seoul Records
Baby V.O.X Re.V; “Shee”
– Debut date: January 29th
– Debut performance date: February 4th
– Company: DR Music
Lee Jae Hoon; “Fantasy”
– Debut date: February 1st
– Company: Zero One Interactive
Cats; “Baby Cat”
– Debut date: February 12th
– Debut performance date: January 27th
– Company: Lodge Entertainment
Chi Yeol; “Just Once”
– Debut date: February 12th
– Company: Happy Face Entertainment
Wonder Girls; “Irony”
– Debut date: February 13th
– Debut performance date: February 10th
– Company: JYP Entertainment
To Romance; “If He Tears”
– Debut date: February 15th
– Company: Jam 21 Entertainment
Ready’O; “You Are Tears”
– Debut date: February 22nd
Tykeys; “I’m Sorry”
– Debut date: February 27th
– Company: CJ Music
Enjel; “Pop”
– Debut date: February 28th
Magolpy; “Girl In Flight”
– Debut date: February 28th
– Company: Jerry Entertainment
IV Cos; “It Die and Cannot Have Love, Too”
– Debut date: March 2nd
Evan; “Men…Can’t Help It”
– Debut date: March 13th
– Debut performance date: March 15th
– Company: TN Entertainment
Illumina; “I’m Happy”
– Debut date: March 29th
– Company: Song BGM
KARA; “Break It”
– Debut date: March 29th
– Debut performace date: April 1st
– Company: DSP Entertainment


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