Jul-Sept 2007

Coolapica; “Hi-ya (feat. EZ-Life)”
   – Debut date: July 4th
Kim Dong Wan; “Handkerchief”
   – Debut date: July 5th
– Company: 
HEX; “I Wanna Be Your Star”
   – Debut date: July 6th
– Company: Coolwave Entertainment
Hwi; “Crazy Man in Love”
   – Debut date: July 12th
– Company: June Entertainment
Zi-A; “Seniors”
   – Debut date: July 13th
– LOEN Entertainment
Black Pearl; “I Can’t Help Loving You”
   – Debut date: July 18th
– Company: Core Contents Media
T-MAX; “Blooming”
   – Debut date: July 19th
– Company: Two Step Entertainment
Swans; “Call Me When You Hear This Song”
   – Debut date: July 10th
– Company:
Kim Jong Wook; “Poor Love”
   – Debut date: August 1st
– Company: Core Contents Media
Girls Generation; “Into The New World”
   – Debut date: August 2nd
– Debut performance date: August 5th
– Company: SM Entertainment
Mr. Tyfoon; “Carnival”
   – Debut date: August 6th
– Company: Woodside
JJ; “Love Actually”
   – Debut date: August 30th
8eight; “Forget About Love and Sing”
   – Debut date: September 6th
– Debut performance date: August 25th
– Company: Daebak Entertainment
Xeno; “Bad Person”
   – Debut date: September 14th
– Company: Muse Palm Communications
Sunny Hill; “Ringtone”
   – Debut date: September 20th
– Company: LOEN Entertainment
Supernova; “HIT”
   – Debut date: September 20th
– Debut performance date: September 21st
– Company: Core Contents Media


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