July-Sept 2008

Sweety; “So Sweet”
    – Debut date: July 7th
– Company: Basic Entertainment
2AM; “This Song”
    – Debut date:  July 21
– Debut performance date:
– Company: Daebak Entertainment
Dragon N Tiger; “Two People and Thereafter”
    – Debut date: August 18th
– Debut performance date: August 12th
– Company: Orange Entertainment
Smash; “Emergency”
    – Debut date:  August 20th
– Debut performance date: August 14th
– Company: TN Entertainment
Zudy; “Just Encore”
    – Debut date: August 21st
– Debut performance date: August 11th
– Company: Mahana Entertainment
Wind’A Spring; “The Parting I Couldn’t Catch”
    – Debut date:  August 21st
– Company: YD Production
U-KISS; “Not Young”
    – Debut date:  September 3rd
– Debut performance date: August 28th
– Company: NH Media
2PM; “10 Points Out of 10 Points”
    – Debut date:  September 4th
– Debut performance date:
– Company: JYP Entertainment
Lee Bul; “Forever”
    – Debut date: September 10th
– Company:
IU; “Mia”
    – Debut date:  September 24th
– Company: Loen Entertainment


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