Oct-Dec 2008

Black; “Heart, Stop”
    – Debut date:  October 15th
– Company: WANG Entertainment
YMGA; “Tell It To My Heart (feat. Uhm Jung Hwa)”
    – Debut date:  October 19th
– Debut performance date:
– Company: YG Entertainment
M.I.S.O; “Say It Say It”
    – Debut date: October 24th
– Company: Nuriman Pictures
XING; “Memorize”
– Debut date: October 29th
– Debut performance date: December 14th
– Company: Xing Entertainment
Miru; “Going To The Hospital”
    – Debut date: October 31st
– Debut performance date: November 14th
– Company:  Chani Production
Tension; “Love You”
    – Debut date:  November 11th
– Company: W Entertainment
Woong2Ne; “Only If I Have You”
    – Debut date: November 18th
– Company:
The Couple; “Look At Me (feat. D.Seo)”
    – Debut date:  November 19th
– Company: Star Com
Vanhaja; “Comeback”
   – Debut date: December 15th, 2008
– Debut performance date: December 17th, 2008
– Company: STAREAST Entertainment


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