Apr-June 2009

AJ; “Dancing Shoes”
    – Debut date: April 2nd
– Debut performance date: April 3rd
– Company: Cube Entertainment
Space Cowboy; ” Space Cowboy”
    – Debut date: April 4th
– Company: Wiz Star Entertainment
Happy Face; “See”
    – Debut date: April 14th
– Debut performance date: April 17th
– Company: Happy Face Entertainment
Nia; “My Everything”
    – Debut date: April 23rd
– Company: BCR Media
Mate; “It’s Alright”
    – Debut date: April 24
– Company: Gem Cultures
Again; “603”
    – Debut date: May 15th
– Company:
2NE1; “Fire”
    – Debut date: May 16th
– Debut performance date: May 17th
– Company: YG Entertainment
Yoosung; “Star”
    – Debut date: May 18
– Company: Albatross Planning
I&; “Hiyowa”
    – Debut date: May 20th
– Company:
Han Una; “Mannequin”
    – Debut date: May 21st
– Company: YD Entertainment
3Chongsa; “Lets Go”
    – Debut date: May 26th
– Company: Jelly Entertainment
Devil & Angel; “Bad Girl”
    – Debut Date: June 12
– Company: ZeroOne Interactive
VINS; “Two Words”
    – Debut date: June 15th
– Company: Mnet Media
4Minute; “Hot Issue”
     – Debut date: June 15th
– Debut performance date: June 18th
– Company: Cube Entertainment
e.via; “Hey”
    – Debut date: June 18th
– Company: D Line Art Media
Hong Jin Young; “Love’s Bettery”
    – Debut date: June 19th
– Company: Core Contents Media
Navid; “Shake Your Body”
    – Debut date: June 25th
– Company: HPY Entertainment Company


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