Jan-Mar 2010

ZE:A / Children of Empire; “Mazeltov”
   – Debut date: January 7th
– Debut performance date: January 15th
– Company: Star Empire Entertainment
F.Cuz; “Jiggy”
   – Debut date: January 8th
– Debut performance date:January 15th
– Company: CAN&J Entertainment
CN Blue; “I’m A Loner”
   – Debut date: January 14th
– Debut performance date: January 17th
– Company: FNC Music
Dream Girls; “Like A Fool”
   – Debut date: January 28th
Red Soul; “Walk Back”
   – Debut date: February 8th
– Company: Natural Sound
One Way; “Magic”
   – Debut date:February 11th
– Debut performance date: March 10th
– Company: Yejon Entertainment
San Woo; “Shining Girl”
   – Debut date: February 11th
– Company: Dream Merchant Entertainment
Sponge Band; “Can’t Hear You”
– Debut date: February 13th
– Debut performance date:
– Company: SPONGE Entertainment
Ahn Jin Kyeong; “Bad Person (feat. Mir)”
   – Debut date: February 18th
– Debut performance date: February 18th
– Company: WM Entertainment
DGNA/ The BOSS; “Admiring Boy”
   – Debut date: March 4th
– Debut performance date: March 4th
– Company: Open-World Entertainment
Boni; “To Keep You”
   – Debut date: March 23rd
– Company: Inplanet
Gil Hak Mi; “Super Soul”
   – Debut date: March 25th
Queens; “Hurt”
   – Debut date: March 26th
– Company: Based Music


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