July-Sept 2010

J2; “Missing”
   – Debut date: July 1st
– Company: CWH Music Plus
Miss A; “Bad Girl, Good Girl”
   – Debut date: July 1st
– Debut performance date: July 1st
– Company: JYP Entertainment
Girl’s Day; “Tilt My Head”
   – Debut date: July 5th
– Debut performance date:
– Company: DreamTea Entertainment
Young Gun; “Must Let You Go”
   – Debut date: July 8th
– Debut performance date: July 8th
– Company: Good Fellas Entertainment
Teen Top; “Clap”
   – Debut date: July 9th
– Debut performance date:
– Company: T.O.P Media
G.NA; “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live”
   – Debut date: July 14th
– Debut performance date: July 17th
– Company: Cube Entertainment
Blacklist; “Stop (Money Can’t Buy Me Love”
   – Debut date: July 15th
– Debut performance date: August 9th
– Company: Now Entertainment
Free Star; “Diss”
   – Debut date: July 28th
– Company: Fly Music Entertainment
Bi Girl Junior; “Paradise”
   – Debut date: August 10th
– Company: Hong Yang Media
Nine Muses; “No Playboy”
   – Debut date: August 12th
– Debut performance date:
– Company: Star Empire Entertainment
GP Basic; “Game”
   – Debut date: August 13th
– Debut performance date:
– Company: GP Entertainment
Chocolate; “What To Do”
   – Debut date: August 17th
– Debut performance date:
– Company: H-Line Entertainment
B.Dolls; “Disco Town”
   – Debut date: August 27th
– Company: Harvest International
F1rst; “You Like Me, I Like You”
   – Debut date: August 27th
– Debut performance date: August 27th
– Company: KN Media
Swini; “Silly Boy”
   – Debut date: August 30th
– Company: Flex Entertainment
Dalmatian; “Round 1”
   – Debut date: August 31st
– Debut performance date:
– Company: Monkey Funch Entertainment
Son Anna; “Just  Minutes”
   – Debut date: September 9th
– Company: Nine Media Group
San.e; “Tasty Mountain (Feat. Min)”
   – Debut date: September 13th
– Debut performance date: September 16th
– Company: JYP Entertainment
co.ed; “Too Late”
   – Debut date: September 30th
– Debut performance date: September 30th
– Company: Core Contents Media


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