Oct-Dec 2010

Double B21 (Unit Sky); “One”
   – Debut date: October 5th
– Debut performance date: August 25th
– Company: Golden Goose Entertainment
Led Apple; “Dash”
   – Debut date: October 7th
– Company: -star Tori
New K; “This Fool”
   – Debut date: October 20th
Nom Nom Nom; “My Friend’s Girlfriend”
   – Debut date: October 20th
Touch; “I”
   – Debut date: October 22nd
– Debut performance date: October 21st
– Company: LOEN Entertainment
Soul Harmony; “If you Love”
   – Debut date: October 29th
– Company: Bad Boss Company
Bebe Mignon; “I’ve Only Done Good Things For You”
   – Debut date: November 1st
– Company: Why Who Entertainment
Evas; “I Want To Live Alone”
   – Debut date: November 1st
– Debut performance date: November 1st
VNT; “Sound (YeYeYe)”
   – Debut date: November 4th
– Debut performance date: November 4th
Double B21; S.O.S
   – Debut date: November 5th
– Debut performance date: October 27th
– Company: Golden Goose Entertainment
Oh Wonbin; “I Love You and I Love You (Feat. Miryo)”
   – Debut date: November 11th
– Debut performance date: November 13th
– Company: FNC Music
Girl2School; Lets Play
– Debut date: November 26th
SM The Ballad; Really Missing You
   – Debut date: November 29th
– Debut performance date: November 28th
– Company: SM Entertainment
Girl Story; “Pinky Pinky”
   – Debut date: December 28th
– Debut performance date: December 26th
– Company: Antz Star Business


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