July-Sept 2011

G.O; “Even In My Dreams”
   – Debut date: July 4th
– Company: J.Tune Camp
Black Eye; “I’m Not Your Girl Yet”
Debut date: July 6th
   – Company: YnS Entertainment
Foley; “Diving”
   – Debut date: July 6th
– Company: TUBEAMP Music
HITT; “Good Night”

– Debut date: July 8th
– Debut performance date: July 8th
– Company: Sony Music, Jay K Entertainment
KINO; “Actually”
– Debut date: July 8th
– Company: JNK Production
Gu Ji Sang; “Gu Ji Sang’s Bad Guy (feat. K.Jun)”
– Debut date: July 14th
– Company: Crosby Entertainment
Gyro; “Magic Stick”
– Debut date: July 14th
After School Blue; “Wonder Boy”
– Debut date: July 21st
– Debut performance date: July 24th
– Company: Pledis Entertainment
After School Red; “In the Night Sky”
– Debut date: July 21st
– Debut performance date: July 24th
– Company: Pledis Entertainment 
Jinwoon; “You Walking Toward Me”
   – Debut date: August 7th
– Company: Big Hit Entertainment
Twi-Light; “Without You”
   – Debut date: August 3rd
– Debut performance date: September 16th
– Company: Yein Entertainment
Bang Yong Guk; “I Remember (feat. Yoseob of BEAST)”
   – Debut date: August 12th
– Company: TS Entertainment
– Debut date: August 12th
– Company: Sauce Pack Entertainment
ChoColat; “Syndrome”
– Debut date: August 17th
– Debut performance: August 18th
– Company: Paramount Music
EI; “Remember”
– Debut date: August 17th
– Company: Plus K-Entertainment
Swing Girls; “RUNx3”
– Debut date: August 19th
– Company: Jang Entertainment
Stellar; “Rocket Girl”
– Debut date: August 21st
– Debut performance: August 25th
– Company: TOP Class Entertainment
Haro; “Nightmare”
– Debut date: August 24th
BB.Boys; “We Will Be Okay (feat. G.NA)”
– Debut date: August 25th
– Debut performance date: August 26th
– Company: GilSTAR Entertainment
RH; “Don’t Forget Me”
– Debut date: August 26
– Company: Any Switch
S.L.I.M; “She’s Really My Girl”
   – Debut date: August 29th
– Company: Solions Entertainment
April Kiss; “Bus Stop”

– Debut date: September 1st
– Debut performance: September 4th
– Company: Andy Bros.
Nikita; “Deep Kiss (feat. Little S)”
– Debut date: September 2nd
– Company: WP Entertainment
Yang Jungmo; “It’s Going to be Love”
– Debut date: September 8th
– Company: Crazy Sound
Purple Sweet; “Like A Magical Moment”
– Debut date: September 15
– Company: Airy Music
Ahn Jisung; “I’ll Wait For You”
– Debut date: September 22nd
Fat Cat; “Indifferent Love”
– Debut date: September 24
– Debut performance date: September 25
– Company: Yuri Entertainment
Kyujong; “Yesterday”
– Debut date: September 27th
– Debit performance date: September 29th
– Company: H2 Entertainment
Hashima; “Fighting!”
– Debut date: September 28th
– Company: SB Music Entertainment
Park Sungmin; “Echo”
– Debut date: September 28th


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