Apr-June 2012

LXIA; “Sexy Brown”
   -Debut date: April 5
-Company: Virus Musik Company
   -Debut date: April 8
-Debut performance date: April 8
-Company: SM Entertainment
Ruby; “Get Down”
   -Debut date: April 9
-Company: HY Entertainment; “I’ll Be Famous”
   -Debut date: April 12
-Company: Contents Storage
Andamiro; “Malgo”
   -Debut date: April 20
-Debut performance date: April 21
-Company: Trophy Entertainment
Fwaney; “Secret”
   -Debut date: April 25
-Company: Woody Entertainment
VIXX; “Super Hero”
   -Debut date: May 4
-Debut performance date: May 24
-Company: Jellyfish Entertainment
Hello Venus; “Venus”
   -Debut date: May 9
-Debut date: May 10
-Company: Pledis Entertainment
Gangkiz; “HONEY HONEY”
   -Debut date: May 16
-Debut performance date: May 18
-Company: Core Contents Media
She’z; “My Way”
   -Debut date: May 17
-Debut performance date: May 17
-Company: Line Entertainment
Sunny Days; “Take Away”
   -Debut date: May 18
-Company: Haeun Entertainment
JJ Project; “Bounce”
   -Debut date: May 22
-Debut performance date: May 24
-Company: JYP Entertainment
Jokwon (2AM); “I’m Da One”
   -Debut date: June 25
-Debut performance date: June 29
-Company: Big Hit Entertainment
TTS—TaeTiSeo (Girls Generation); “Twinkle”
   -Debut date: April 29
-Debut performance date: May 3
-Company: SM Entertainment
A-JAX; “One 4 U”
   -Debut date: June 1
-Debut performance date: June 2
-Company: DSP Media
Cross Gene; “La-Di Da-Di”
   -Debut date: June 8
-Debut performance date: June 14
-Company: Amuse Korea
4K; “Rocking Girl”
   -Debut date: June 12
-Company: Choeun Entertainment
BOB4; “Mystery Girl”
   -Debut date: June 15
Busker Busker; “Cherry Blossom Ending”
   -Debut date: June 21
-Debut Performance date: June 29
Crayon Pop; “Bing Bing”
   -Debut date: June 23
-Debut performance date: July 24
-Company: Chrome Entertainment


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