Jan-March 2012

chAOS; “She Is Coming”
   -Debut date: January 6
-Debut performance date: January5
-Company: Winning InSight
Lay-T; “Come Catch Me”
   -Debut date: January 10
-Company: BS Entertainment
Hwang Do Hye; “Disappearance”
   -Debut date: January 12
Rainbow Pixie; “Hoi Hoi”
   -Debut date: January 12
-Debut performance date: January 24
-Company: DSP Media
Baby Soul + Yoo Jia; “She’s A Flirt”
   -Debut date: January 18
-Company: Woolim Entertainment
4Heaven “I’m Sorry I Love You”
-Debut date: January 19
-Company: Bridge Entertainment
B.A.P; “Warrior”
   -Debut date: January 26
-Debut performance date: January 27
-Company: TS Entertainment
Six Bomb; “Chicky Chicky Bomb”
   -Debut date: January 27
-Debut performance date: January 28
-Company: Jang Entertainment
Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls); “Dirty”
  -Debut date: February 1
-Debut performance date: February 2
-Company: Nega Network
Paul Kim; “My Love”
   -Debut date: February 8
-Company: XP Entertainment
Spica; “Russian Roulette”
   -Debut date: February 8
-Debut performance date: February 9
-Company: B2M Entertainment
Ailee; “Heaven”
   -Debut date: February 9
-Debut performance date: February 9
-Company: YMC Entertainment
Tomboy Girls; “Never Say Goodbye”
-Debut date: February 9
-Company: Tomas Entertainment
Speed; “Lovey Dovey Plus”
   -Debut date: February 14
-Debut performance date: February 19
-Company: GM Contents
EXID; “Whoz That Girl”
   -Debut date: February 16
-Debut performance date: February 16
-Company: AB Entertainment
WOW; “When The Sun Rises”
-Debut date : February 17
Cutie-L; “Jumping”
-Debut date: February 20
-Company: Navi Actors
John Park; “Falling”
   -Debut date: February 22
-Debut performance date: February 23
-Company: Music Farm
Pandora; “Open Pandora’s Box”
   -Debut date: March 6
-Company: TS Family Entertainment
NU’EST; “Face”
   -Debut date: March 14
-Debut performance date: March 15
-Company: Pledis Entertainment
2BiC; “I Made Another Girl Cry”
-Debut date: March 14
-Debut performance date: April 20
-Company: Nextar Entertainment
Pamela; “Although It’s Painful and Hateful”
-Debut date: March 15
-Company: Kkun Entertainment
Soohyun (U-KISS); “Snowman”
   -Debut date: March 15
-Company: NH Media
BT-Swing; “Rescue 101”
   -Debut date: March 16
-Company: 101 Doors
   -Debut date: March 21
-Debut performance date: March 22
-Company: Cube Entertainment
ViViD; “Attention Me” 
-Debut date: March 28
-Debut performance date:
-Company: NTree Entertainment


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