Oct-Dec 2012

Mr.Mr; “Who’s That Girl”
-Debut date: October 4
-Debut performance date: October 5
-Company: TH E&M
15&; “I Dream”
– Debut date: October 5
– Debut performance date: October 7
-Company: JYP Entertainment
A.cian; “Stuck”
-Debut date: October 5
-Debut performance date: September 28
-Company: ISS Entertainment
-Debut date: October 6
-Debut performance date: November 8
-Company: JFC Entertainment
Stephanie; “Game”
-Debut date: October 7
-Debut performance face: November 3
-Company: Media Line Entertainment/SM Entertainment
TOXIC; “Lonely”
-Debut date: October 12
-Debut performance date: October 19
-Company: TNC Entertainment
Wonder Boyz; “Open The Door”
-Debut date: October 15
-Debut performance date: October 18
-Company: Ent102
POP Con; “Nol Ja Go”
-Debut date: October 16
-Company: JES Entertainment
Son Seungyeon; “Heart Heart”
-Debut date: October 23
-Debut performance date: November 1
-Company: Universal Music
Lee Hi; “1,2,3,4”
-Debut date: October 27
-Debut performance date: November 4
-Company: YG Entertainment
E2RE; “Deep Night Sad Song”
-Debut date: October 31
-Debut performance date: November 2
-Company: CSHappy Entertainment
Baek Seungheon; “Til The Sun Rises”
-Debut date: November 2
-Debut performance date: November 9
-Company: C.TWO Entertainment
A-Prince; “Hello”
-Debut date: November 5
-Debut performance date: November 10
-Company: New Planet Entertainment
Sunggyu; “60 Seconds”
-Debut date: November 18
-Debut performance date: November 23
-Company: Woolim Entertainment
Noh Ji Hoon; “Punishment”
-Debut date: November 7
-Debut performance date: November 8
-Company: Cube Entertainment
Siaena; “Winter Is Coming”
-Debut date: November 7
-Company: Real Collabo
The SeeYa; “Be With You”
-Debut date: November 12
-Debut performance date: November 15
-Company: Core Contents Media
Natthew; “She’s Bad”
-Debut date: November 15
-Debut performance date: November 15
-Company: CJ Entertainment
Playa; “Say In My Song”
-Debut date: November 23
-Company: Owl Entertainment
Yoseob; “Caffeine (feat. Junhyung)”
-Debut date: November 26
-Debut performance date: November 30
-Company: Cube Entertainment
Seungyeon; “Guilty”
-Debut date: November 30
-Debut performance date: December 15
-Company: DSP Media
Jiyoung; “Wanna Do”
-Debut date: November 30
-Debut performance date: December 16
-Company: DSP Media
Jackpot; “Shake It Me”
-Debut date: December 5
-Company: TS Family Entertainment
Gyuri; “Day Dream”
-Debut date: December 21
-Debut performance date: December 23
-Company: DSP Media


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